Quel usage pour vous...

THE LEGEND TEAMPLANNING: What usage will do you of it?
NOTE That this page have been translated with an automate! Sorry for my bad english!!!!

Sylvie is an operator. All day, her should inform her correspondents about whom is when, when he will return, if he will be to the office, if one can leave him a message... Naturally she knows her profession and all this she made him very well by inquiring with Pierre, Paul or Jacques. Now with TEAMPlanning, she built up itself a Team containing the entire staff (That falls well they are less than 128!) She leaves TEAMPlanning with the screen and shows the contents of their calendar Exchanges in face to face (In daily mode). If she should leave a message, she double Clic on the calendar of a person, automatically a Dated message appears she just has to fill, the Subject even the Contents of the message and to click To send. No More complicated manipulation, no more of small papers... And as Sylvie is very sly, she scheduled TEAMPLanning so that the shown data update automatically every hour for example. Sylvie got free of time to make the other thing, everybody noticed his new efficiency what grew each indeed has to hold the calendar!:)
Paul is responsible for a technical service. He should watch the activity of his co-workers. Before he made fill paper schedules and he was the king of the index card T and STABILO BOSS highlighter. With TEAMPlanning, he created teams of staffs grouped together by competence. Each holds up to date the Calendar. Paul is sly, with TEAMPLanning he created filters to color differently the RDVs on the Field, the hours of HotLine, the leaves, the vacation... With the vacation, the overtime etc.... He should often pronounce on when and to whom to grant leaves... In two clics, Paul shows in colour the schedule of a team for week, the month to come and pronounces without making a mistake for ever to have under the hand the required competence... As everybody understood well the advantage which one pulls it, each behaves well up to date his calendar. Another earning of efficiency:)
Henriette is what one calls an effective executive secretary. She manages the calendar of two directors and one under director. She knows everything of them and if she can allow to take them a RDV or to leave them a message.... Before she had programmed her Outlook to open them Mailboxes and calendars of her dear directors automatically... But here is with all these opened windows one risks the cold... Of brain. Then with TEAMPlanning she built up itself directors' team. She leaves her TEAMPlanning on the screen and shows the current week. When she has an info or a call, she double clics on a person on a day and then in a click, she can send a small message immediately, or create a RDV in the calendar of his director without opening Outlook. She can also open directly the calendar Outlook of a director in a click better to scrutinize her contents. From time to time she presses on button Refresh to update the Schedule in the screen. Sometimes even, she shows in the detail the schedule of the directors for month to come, she creates even it a report HTML which she sends by mail to the management, who can be of use to them to pronounce for a future meeting... Henriette did not dare to admit to her directors that the functions of schedule did not exist in the Messaging system which they bought...:)
Jacques is a computer specialist. he installed an Exchange server and took up a training for the users. 10 mn having explained the functions of Calendar, the accesses delegated etc.... The questions fuse. His users are not always very for the fact of the technology but they give evidence of commonsense... In what that serves for seizing its timetable if to consult it the manipulation turns out of the most boring. And then will always need to fill the paper schedule to have a synthetic sight etc.... Etc.... Need to react otherwise the users will have difficulty in adhering! But Jacques is very sly, he fetches on the Net a third product and he finds there (little...) And he made out a was it. Some are downright integrated into Outlook but after use, be better not to go to see thousands of collected recordings which one finds in Deleted Elements!!! TEAMPlanning is to him one can not any more simple, no tortuous menu, than the effective... TEAMPlanning interrogates the data directly in Exchange it live... It is fast appropriate and effective... In more Jacques finds that it is cheap... But that looks at him!:)
Mireille is indispensable! She manages the 10 conference rooms of the building, both video projectors, the limo to fetch the customers... She followed the training Outlook and asked Jacques (you know the computer specialist) to create Mailboxes as "resources" with which she is delegated... Very fast she charges a course of relaxation therapy to remain quiet and effective... But, with TEAMPlanning she created a Hardware and Rooms team, she even created filters to color the RDV following their occupant. She shows the schedule of occupation of rooms week a week, she creates it report HTML which she sends by mail or which she publishes on the Intranet.. Besides since TEAMPlanning she can directly create a booking without manipulation complicated without opening to calendar and this in two clicks. ...Because... Mireille has not enough spare time to devote to the relaxation therapy!
Andre works with Jacques, he is a computer specialist and his trick is the Intranet. The company developed an Intra / extranet and now each can manage his mails with OWA (Outlook Web Access). But very fast one becomes disenchanted, not means to consult a calendar other than his... But who is where and when? André is sly too, with TEAMPlanning's new version; he created a team by service, he wrote Batch procedures and by means of a command AT on his server, every hour TEAMPlanning runs in silent mode and copies every report generated for every team in places definite discs. The Intranet is always up to date and shows the contents of the calendars of the services. Andreis a good computer specialist... TEAMPlanning works for him... And then each realizes well that it is easy and useful of to see the activity of the others... Well, from tomorrow it is sure I hold up to date my calendar...:)
Pierre... Pierre is an employee lambda. he makes totally fun to know who is where... Few imports to know him that Armelle or Christine are in leaves. he does his job here is everything. He has never seen TEAMPlanning and one is not ready to install it to him in its profile! But, Pierre he knows a thing, it is that: since there is TEAMPlanning he contents with filling one and only once his calendar Exchanges... Finished phone calls to hold each informed, the paper schedules, the index cards T, " be To you where, one looks for you everywhere!!! " Pierre understood that TEAMPlanning interrogates the data in live, that is well to write him its calendar, before that was almost of use to nothing because it was always redundant... But Pierre who is an average user has better that all understood TEAMPlanning's utility, he explained to his leader of the authoritarian need of organization of the schedules, the efficiency found since TEAMPlanning etc.... And indeed Pierre write now his calendar on the PDA which paid him his company... Malicious Pierre, no...?
Pascal is a computer specialist. One day he installed Exexchange and Outlook, he was enthused and then he was confronted with heaps of Pierre, Paul, Henriette, Sylvie and the others... Pascal is for the data processing " Easy Clic", when he is going to get some Dollars to the CashMachine he does not wonder how all this work, if he should do" File open " or " Copy or Paste"... Then he is frightened when he should consult the calendar of two persons and does not even explain the function to his users. But Pascal is not very sly, he goes on the Net and finds absolutely nothing... Two three fiddle very invalid. Then Pascal decides to write TEAMPlanning, simple, effective, little dear. Here is how you are there to read my explanations...