a way to query EXCHANGE's Calendars.


Version 2.34:
Version 08/05/2003


- Private Events Check Box now runs correctly
- List of TEAMs are now correctly viewwed at runtime


Version 2.33:
Version 06/16/2003

New Features:

- You can now create Events on spending on multiples days.
- In BATCH mode, TeamPLanning doesnt display warning messages anymore (access pbs on aclendar or other...)


- When you select a range of dates, ALL events of the last day are now correctly displayed.
- In the SYSTRAY, the icon disappears allways when TeamPlanning is closed.
- Filters doenst crash with priority order.


Version 2.30:
Version 01/22/2003

New Features:

-Access to your personal contacts very faster! Personal distribution lists (TEAMS) are now stored in a sub Folder of your personal contacts folder. This subfolder is named : TeamPlanning. Now TeamPlanning just scan this folder and not your entire Contacts Folder so the access is very faster even if you have many addresses in your Contacts Folder.After install, move your TeamPlanning Lists to this new folder!
- Read the procedure of how to resolve Security Access to your OUTLOOK XP for not display dialog boxes when TeamPlanning attempts to access to your personal Addresses book.
-TeamPlaning now run in Systray! When you reduce the TeamPlanning window, TeamPlanning stays in Systray (near the clock). Double clic on the icon to reopen it, or right click to display menu
-New option: You can now adjust the Default columns width in the HTML reports (Tools, Options...)

-Reports prints now date and time of query of the displayed datas


The function "Add an appointment" now opens on the correct date selected in the planning.
Look of secondary screens is modifoed.
Look of HTMLS reports is modified.
TeamPlanning doesnt hang anymore when default team is deleted in OUTLOOK
Teams are now correctly refreshed after modifying it

Version 2.22:
Version 08/28/2002


NOW TEAM Planning runs correctly on OS other than FRENCH or ENGLISH or on Multilingual PCs. FM20.dll is not yet distributed. Some controls are normalised (Combox Box, List Box etc...)

Columns Width and Rows Height are not defaulted anymore when you refresh the Planning if it is not necessary.

Version number is now displayed on Splash screen and on main screen.

Version 2.20:
Version 06/06/2002

New feature :

When you display a Planning if you double clic on a user and a day you can send a message, open a calendar and create an appointment. Now you can:
-create an appointment for this user
-create an appointment for all members of the team
-send an appointment to all members of the team (Invitation to a meeting). Then users must approuve the meeting
to CREATE Appointments, you must have write access to the calendars of the members of the team!

Choose your action in the combo box and press Execute!

Version 2.17:
Version 05/30/2002


- NOW: TeamPlanning can be run on command line. So TEAMPlanning runs in silent mode. Run TEAMPlanning using an AT command to select a range of dates, a view, a report mode AND SAVE AUTOMATICALY the report on disk or on a shared directory! So you can directly publish your Team Plannings on your INTRANET !


-TeamPlanning show correctly the recurrent Events. This bug was old and corrected but it seems that It have re appeared

Version 2.05:
Version 05/13/2002


- Now TeamPlanning don't crashes anymore when events are in conflict in an user calendar due to PDA synchronization problems (Error 4096).
-NOTE that version 2.0.4 will be installed to use 2.0.5

Version 2.04:
Version 05/03/2002


- Best usage of the Dlls, New SETUP lighter and more easy.

Version 2.03:
Version 04/22/2002


- Line height is now multiply by 3
- Text into the ToolBar (variable) is now troncated, so the screen don't overflow on the right on little screens as Portable PC.
- Week number is corrected
- A Cancel Button is added
On distants PCs, running TeamPlanning can be slow depending the number of calendars to query. The Cancel Button permit to stop the query process. This Button is functinnal only if any process is running. Note that TeamPlanning run in 2 steps:
- Open an OUTLOOK session
- Query the Calendars.
Open a session can be slow dpending your connection, network, server, mailbox. During this step the cancel button is inoperate.

TIP!!! If running TeamPlanning seems slow, open OUTLOOK, then run TeamPlanning, note that in this case TeamPlanning is more efficient! (because the outlook session is yet opened). You can install the TeamPlanning icon in your OUTLOOK toolbar instead of your Desk! So OUTLOOK is open when you click on the icon.

Version 2.01:
Version 02/02/2001


- "Allday Events" are displayed on the good date day.
- Events that Starts before the range of dates AND Ends after the range of dates are now displayed.
- "Next Month" function now works correctly, when it is runned the 01/31. (I know it is passed...but...)
-Version 2.0.1 is tested on Windows XP with OUTLOOK XP and works fine!

Version 2.00:
Version 21/01/2001


New classic Interface with ToolsBar, Calendars controls... Direct access to classic views

Performance :

Filters working faster

Day Views

Day View Mode

Reports HTML :

HTML With IMAGE of the planning as on the screen

and much more few parameters

Version 1.51:
Version 07/25/2001

Multi Language :

Now TeamPlanning exists in 6 languages. French, English, italian*, German*, Dutch*, Spanish* (* Translation in progress). Languages are stored in text files: language.scr (Screens) and language.msg (Messages).
Translators wanted...

Saved parameters:

On Exit, selected parameters are automaticly saved

Calendar OCX.

To quickly enter the range dates, double click on the start or end date to use a Calendar control

Show Hours on the screen planning:

Menu Options..., You can now choose to view hours of events on the screen planning

Maximize / Minimize Button

A new button to show planning on Full Screen!

SCAN Button

Click on this Button and display the detail of day only moving the mouse over the cells


Menu Options..., Choose the interval of the automatic refresh (note: a Refresh button is now available)


When you double click on a collaborator of the displayed planning, you can now choose to open his calendar or to send it a message directly since open OUTLOOK! (Menu, Options...) Note: On the "detail of the day" screen you have a send message button too.


2 new Icons to print an image of the screen planning on your default printer (Portrait / Landscape)

Corrected BUGS

TeamPlanning Now displays correctly Events spanning on many days.
TeamPlanning re use correctly many filters at the same time


Version 1.30:
Version 05/06/2001

Error "Invalid column number" corrected:

In some case TEAMPlanning hangs when used with OUTLOOK 98 or 2000 and certains recurrents events (Microsoft Bug Q232534).

Dates compute more efficient.

Errors messages are now displayed in all cases when Mialboxes access problems occurs.

Main Changes in the managing of groups!

Groups are no longer managed in files *.tpg.
Access to Exchange's directories is more easy on large sites with many directories.
Groups are now maintained in Personnal Distribution Lists in your Contacts folder.
Via the Maintain Groups menu you can create, modify, delete TEAMPlanning's personal distribution Lists.

What is a TEAMPlanning distribution list?
It's just a list in your Contacts folder using a category <teamplanning>. Those lists can contain all types of Entries,BUT only Mailboxes ( Exchange's users) are used by TEAMPlanning. Externals Contacts, Contacts without Calendars, Distribution Lists and other are ignored by TEAMPlanning when the planning is calculate.

NOTE: In the Options menu, Path to group files is no longer used.

Version 1.20:
Original Version 04/17/2001.


Don't worry, contact TEAMPlanning... for Bugs report

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